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Tinos island is well known as the “Handmade island”. The breathtaking landscapes and views take your breath away in this heaven-on-earth.

Daily Excursions

Tinos island

Village Hopping Tour

Starting your day, you set off from the Bus Stop in front of the old port of Tinos. Afterwards, and passing through traditional villages, you visit the convent of Agia Pelagia and the picturesque village of Falatados. Apart from that, you have the chance to visit the Sketch’s House, the tenth caricature museum worldwide. Your tour goes on with a few-minute stop at Exomvourgo, the unique granite mountain of the Cyclades and its castle of thrilling history. Its spectacular view to the neighboring villages and the pure Aegean blue are a must in your vacation photo album! Ending your trip, you visit Volax, a villagers in the island’s heart, built among lunar landscapes. The tour ends with your return to Tinos town.

Tinos island

Hiking through the Rocks

Your hike starts from Volax, one of the oldest villages in Tinos, built among granite rocks; a village famous for its basketry art. Then, you follow a path passing through impressive granite formations, which gave ground to the myth on the Battle in between the Titans and the gods. Afterwards, from Myrsini (or Musulou) we  head to Falatados. The village is surrounded by a fertile area with fruit-tree groves, vineyards, botanical gardens, willows and a lot more. It used to be, along with the neighboring Steni, a flourising center of silkworm breeding and skin processing. From Falatados, following a popular path, we climb to the terminus in Volax.

Tinos island

Hiking around the Castle

Starting our hike, we set off from Exombourgo, an unearthly granite sight with Venetian castle ruins. Then we head to Koumaros village, a medieval, picturesque village perched on the granite rocks and over an impressive ravine. Afterwards, we pass through traditional villages like Skalados, Loutra and Krokos, the later one surrounded by green and flowers. In addition, Krokos is named after the Greek word, meaning saffron, and due to the numerous saffron flowers in the village. We also admire the Venetian buildings, and mostly the Monastery of Ursulines in Loutra. Finishing our hike, we climb to Exombourgo and visit the archaeological sight, counting back to the 5th century BC.

Tinos island

Walking at Tinos town

Chora is the capital of Tinos island, and its commercial and tourist center. First, we focus on discovering places and areas of scenic Tinos of the past, its old mansions and its paved paths. Next, we meet the unknown side of Chora, a side that brings religion, tradition and culture together.

Tinos island

Exo Meria sunset

Starting our trip, we set off from the old port of Tinos. First, we stop at Pyrgos village. Following, we explore the village walking through the alleys and taste the famous “Galaktompoureko”, a traditional cake. We enjoy our cake in the central square, under the famous centuries-old plane tree! Going on with our trip, we stop at Isternia, a traditional fairytale-like village. We enjoy a cocktail in the village, overlooking the panoramic view of the Aegean Sea. After that, leaving Isternia, we enjoy the dreamy sunset and take pictures for 15 minutes. Ending our tour, we return to Tinos town.

Visit the Vineyards

We explore the vineyards located in Gardari, near Falatados village and among granite boulders, at an altitude of 440 m. First, we taste the famous local wine accompanied by local delicacies. A small yard in front of a restored old farm house, inside the vineyard hosts our tasting. Also, we walk in the beautiful landscape with the granite boulders for a total of 30 minutes, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes and clothes!

Cooking lesson

This 2-hour traditional cooking class helps us delve into the culinary history and practices of Tinos. Starting with our experience, we visit the house of a local chef with our guide and prepare local dishes using local, fresh ingredients. Furthermore, we learn along with a small group, so the lesson is more lively and warm. Finishing your lesson, you enjoy the dishes you prepared in the traditional yard, overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Jeep Tour

Discover the hidden secrets of Tinos on an 8-hour jeep safari. Get breathtaking views as you drive to beautiful beaches and rural villages. Ending your tour, stop for a swim and sunbathing.


No doubt, vacation can’t be enjoyable when worrying about traffic and so on. We are here to relieve you off any such stress! First and foremost, safe driving is a must in every task we undertake. Second, our vehicles are comfortable, spacious, fully air-conditioned, with large cargo space and adjustable seats. For our special younger guests and upon request, we provide car seats for infants and booster seats for toddlers.

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